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Discussions on safety underway for Gettysburg 150th Anniversary

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Heavy crowds from all over the world are planning on making their way to Gettysburg in July for the 150th Anniversary celebration.  In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, discussions on keeping crowds under control during the milestone event are underway.

Randy Phiel has been operating Civil War re-enactments for 18 years.  He says the attention that’s being drawn to the Gettysburg 150th Anniversary this summer means an even bigger battle scene.

Phiel says, “This is an olympic moment  for the community and we don’t want to see it marred.”

In light of the Boston terror, security is being heightened to protect the high profile event.

Katie Lawhon is the spokesperson for the Gettysburg National Military Park.  She says, “Certainly when everyone heard about the tragic events in Boston, that was on our mind.  What are the implications for any possible issues available to Gettysburg?”

Event organizers are expecting tens of thousands of tourists from across the globe.  So they’re taking all of the right steps now to protect you throughout the week long festivity.

Lawhon says, “Knowing what the issues are and having the intelligence to know if there is any threat level associated with Gettysburg.”

Phiel says, “The fact that we have 24/7 command center always in touch with local law enforcement, PEMA and monitor threat levels in intelligence.”

The Zahradnik’s are visiting Gettysburg from White Hall.  They say they trust authorities to handle the event as they enjoy their freedom to tour.

Gettysburg National Military Park officials say they are meeting next week for five days to draw out a safety plan.  For more information, head to the park website at