Loganville fire chief killed while directing traffic, driver charged

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Matthew Diehl

A York County fire chief  died after being hit by an SUV while directing traffic around the scene of an accident on Interstate 83 early Saturday morning. It happened around 12:50 a.m. in the southbound lanes of I-83 in Springfield Township near Exit 8.

Chief Rodney P. Miller, 45, of the Loganville Volunteer Fire Department was diverting traffic off the interstate when he was struck by a 2005 white Chevrolet Trailblazer driven by 32-year-old Matthew Scott Diehl, of Shrewsbury.

State police say Chief Miller had his emergency vehicle lights activated at the time of the accident.

Diehl hit Chief Miller as he went around the emergency vehicle and continued on I-83, which was closed due to the earlier crash.

Chief Miller was taken to York Hospital where he later died.

Diehl was taken into custody after he was forced to stop due to the backlog of vehicles, troopers said.

He is charged with homicide by vehicle, DUI and other offenses.


  • Neil Gunnet

    Rodney Miller was a great man in many ways.
    He had been Fire Chief of the Loganville Fire Company for many years. He was well respected in the York County Fire Service. He always attended the monthly county chief's meetings and kept things moving forward within his department while not loosing site of where they came from. He was the incident commander of the big fire that occured at Adheasive Research a few years back.
    He owned his own contracting business and was well known and respected around the York area for his work and work ethic. People often spoke of the quality of his work and you never knew where you might see him working as he worked all over the York area.
    Last and most importantly, he was a great family man.
    He would help you in any way he could and was a fine example of a York Countian born and raised.
    He was a small town person and was quite ok with that and didn't need to be anything more. The kind of man that you liked and respected after talking with him for five minutes. He will be missed by so many.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      Very nice tribute Neil. It's a shame that this news website does not say more like this within the article and post a picture of Chief Miller. Instead, they post the picture of the jerk in custody.

  • karen

    How sad! When are people gonna realize they cannot drink and drive a loaded weapon!!! That is exactly what they are doing when they drink and get behind the wheel, it's like pulling the trigger back on a revolver and hoping it doesn't go off!! God bless these families involved in this tragedy, especially the Miller family!! Praying that you find the comfort to get through this horrible time!

  • jen

    He doesn't look too upset that he just killed someone! :( Prayers for the chiefs family, and his fire family also. Also- thanks to the many volunteers who risk their lives to help us when needed!

  • L. Russell

    Prayers for the Cheif's family, both blood and brother/sisterhood. This is a senseless tragedy and I agree with the above comment by Karen: a car, when you are drink (or sober for that matter) is a 'loaded' weapon. As a member of Station 54 in Stewartstown, my deepest condolences.

  • Michael Naylor

    I want to make sure that someone educates this young man on what exactly he did. I want someone to instruct him that he mowed down a loyal dedicated Fire Chief while he was out trying to keep other fire service personnel and the citizens on the Interstate safe. It just makes me sick to think that Chief Miller can survive so many years in the fire service and face danger so many times at fires and other emergencies and be struck down and killed by nothing more then an ignorant drunk driver. What a waste of a good Chief, great husband, friend and community servant.

    • Mike Thomas

      I said the same thing, Mike. He was in the face of that Adhesives Research fire with explosions going hundreds of feet in the air and didn't get hurt…..then a drunk driver ends up killing him on a simple fire police detail. So sad.

  • Tami Pressel

    Guess he didn't learn his lesson in 2008 after his first DUI. I think part of his punishment should be forcing him to serve time with his local fire department and in the hospital morgue. He needs to have his eyes opened. This was a senseless tragedy that didn't have to be … Thanks Chief Miller for your service to the community. RIP.

  • Bob Good

    Rodney will be truly missed .. he was a not a credit to the fire department but a wonderful, caring, person. Our prayers go out to his wonderful wife Michele,and the entire family and friends of Rodney. If anyone at Fox 43 reads this please remove the idiots pictur that killed this wonderful person and replace it with what the story shoudl be about a picture of Rodney please.

  • g f

    Well, it seems as though this young man is all too familiar with the drinking and driving scenario. He took a life this time. He freely chose to drink, get behind the wheel and drive and he obviously has done it before but never learned his lesson. Unfortunately I don't think making him volunteer for the local fire dept (I wouldn't want him at our company), or sending him to classes will 'straighten him out.' He took a life and although it wasn't 'premeditated' , he freely chose to drink and drive. Perhaps he should stay in jail the rest of his life or better yet, be sentenced to death. I would not want him on our roads again

    • Unknown

      But he lives in York County where you get sentenced 1 yr less 1 day in jail for killing an officer of the law in full uniform just performing his job. Oh and it can be served in outmate. Our Justice System is flawed somewhere somehow.

  • Travis Brown

    I’ve known Rodney Miller my entire life. He was a person that would drop everything to help someone in need and it is very sad that this has happened. One persons ignorance took the life of a person that has saved many people.

  • Stacy

    This is horribly tragic. I am beginning to believe that we need to create a psychological exam that driving applicants must pass before they can obtain a license. His license should definitely be revoked for life.

    • Maria Stremmel

      He would drive anyway. Criminals are generally criminals because they don't respect society or laws.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    I'll be willing to bet that approximately 50% of the people that the Chief was directing off I-83 had alcohol in their systems after midnight on a Friday night. 90% of the vehicles you see at any bar on a Friday and Saturday night at 11pm are going to have drivers leaving that bar with alcohol in their blood within the next 3 hours.

  • Budd lookingbill

    So very sad. I am sending prayers to his family and friends and to the fire department.may God be with u all.

  • John Zellers

    R.I.P. Chief you will certainly be missed. As a Vol. FF of 37 yrs. I spent many of hours directing traffic on fire scenes and it has to be one of the most dangerous jobs out there. For some reason ppl think they can do what they want and do not have to listen to us. I dodged more than one vehicle. I feel sorry for the drivers family as well and what they have to be going through as well don't forget to keep them in your prayers as well.

  • Barbara

    Chief Miller was a great person. It was always a pleasure to work with him on a scene or to have him do work at the house. Prayers for his family and fire family.

  • bob

    i hope they make this jerk serve rest his life in jail. what ahole rodney rip brother we as a community lost a great chief and buissness man and familly man

  • Pissed

    This loser Diehl should have been in jail years ago when he was molesting kids. He's on the sexual predator websites for assault on a child under 13. He's free to drink until he kills a respected member of community? What a disgrace and a piece of trash this guy is! I hope he becomes someone's little buddy in prison…

  • Alex Baliko

    R.I.P. CHIEF MILLER! Our prayers go out to your family at home and back at the station. As a member of Station 56 in Fawn Grove PA, our deepest condolences.

  • Carl D. Avery, Chief

    As the former Program Coordinator of the York County Fire School, part of my heart remains in York County. It was with great sadness that I read the texts that I recieved this morning from friends and brother Firefighters in York County. I am currently Chief in Cleveland, NY I just want my Brothers and Sisters in York County to know that this Stupid, Unnecessary Tragedy has touched members of the Fire Service all over this Country and you all are in my heart. I am sending prayers and love to all of the Chief's families, his one at home and his one at the Fire Station. KEEP THE FAITH, know we are with you.

  • Chrissie

    I just met Rodney back in December when he came to do work on my house. He was a great guy and I so sad to learn of his passing. I will always look at my basement and remember him. My thought and prayers are with him and his family and his nephew Kyle.

  • Tony

    It's amazing to me how worthless idiots like this Diehl, and many others continue to break the law until it ends with some innocent person just doing his job getting killed. As an over- the- road truck driver, I see it all every night. Careless driving runs rampant everywhere. Speeding, tailgaiting, texting on the phone, drivers cutting other drivers off, lane to lane with no turn signals, you name it, people do it. It's inconsideration at its finest. People and their driving habits are getting worse. It's a senseless tragedy that should have never happened. Condolences to Chief Miller's family at thisdifficult time,and hopefully the judge imposes the stiffest penalty for Diehl, who in my opinion, should sit in jail for the rest of his life to think about what he did.


    RIP RODNEY you were a wonderful man who thought the world of everyone life was so short for you.god has a special place for you ,one day we will all meet again miss you bill and marily

  • MyTakeOnIt

    What if each person on this list went out for a drive right now and kept alert for for drunk drivers and called police with their license numbers, vehicle description and location? It wouldn't take very long. Just one hour. It's almost 11pm now. I'll start.

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