Attempted child luring in Hanover

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Two girls in Hanover tell police they were approached by two people who tried to get them to get in their car last night. It happened shortly before 7pm near the playground at DeGuy Avenue and McCosh Street. The girls, both 11, say while playing at the playground, they noticed a later model silver 4 door vehicle parked nearby. The girls believed the car was a Saab.

When both girls left the park and were walking home they said the car  followed behind them.  The driver pulled next to them in the area of North Stephen’s Place and McKinely Avenue.  The vehicle was occupied by a male driver and a female passenger in the front seat.  The girls described both as being Asian and said they spoke broken English.  The driver is described as being in his 30’s, wearing a black sweat shirt and khaki pants, and the female passenger was to be in her 20’s with black hair in a pony tail, wearing a white or tan sweat shirt.  The female passenger engaged the two girls in conversation which included asking questions about where they go to school.  As both girls began walking away the vehicle followed beside them.  The occupants continued to ask them additional questions such as where they lived and if they wanted to get in the vehicle.  Both girls ignored the occupants of the vehicle and continued to walk away. The vehicle continued on and was last seen driving south on North Stephen’s Place.  No further description of the vehicle was obtained except that it may have a Pennsylvania license plate.

The police department is asking for anyone that may have witnessed the incident or who may have information on this described vehicle or occupants to contact the police department through York County 911 or at 717-637-5575.  Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious vehicles and persons to the police department.

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