Chicken found dead at Lancaster County Petting Zoo

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The owners of a family friendly petting zoo, in Lancaster County, are looking for the kids who killed one of their chickens.  The Pretzel Hut, on Route 501, in Lititz, allows customers to play with pets behind their ice cream shop.  But over the weekend, a senseless act of cruelty left one of those animals dead.

Summer Rabold is the owner’s daughter.  She says, “A lady came in and told us around 4 or 5 teenage girls were throwing rocks at the animals, not just the chickens, but other animals too.”

It’s a cruel act leaving one chicken dead.

Rabold says, “Usually when chickens die they have a pale face and look flushed and this one was bruised like trauma to the head.”

Rabold says the business has cameras but they weren’t working at the time to protect the animals she calls family.  She says if you abuse an animal, it shows your true character.

Rabold says, “If they can hurt an animal they can hurt someone else…We want an apology.  We’re not going to do anything, so just fess up.”

Managers could use your help figuring out who would do such a thing.  They’ve set up a reward page on their facebook page.


  • Randy

    As I was reading this article, I became too distracted by the many typos. It took away from the article and left me thinking more about the poor grammar and spelling than the actual article itself. What a shame. Where was the editor on this one?

    • anthony

      Really Randy? Maybe so but come on. I may agree with you. I would be very appreciative to see your editing. Would you mind posting your rewrite in the comments? Who knows maybe you may land a job with Fox 43's website.
      Webmaster and chief editor please check back to see Randy's next post. You might be interested in contacting him to fill a position. Thank you,

  • Sharon

    You are not doing the poor animals who were disgraced by the way they were killed, by not pressing charges. You are only teaching them that cruelty is ok. What if it is a child in your petting zoo? would you willing turn the other way? They need to be taught a lesson!

  • PatK

    I have been to the Pretzel Hut & I've seen kids abuse those animals while their parents watched.It seems that no one really cares anymore, which is sad to me. Those chickens & other animals are living & unless someone is going to watch over them, then I don't think they should be there. I don't even go outback to see the animals anymore when I go to the Pretzel Hut….I can't because I've seen too many adults not care how there kids treat the animals, it pisses me off.

    • anthony

      I have never been to the Pretzel Hut Pat K but thank you. I too agree with you that there is a problem when you see parents that don't care enough to teach their children to respect not only a living creature but also ones personal property. Pretzel hut cares enough to provide at no cost entertainment and the opportunity to bond and educate their children. I'm not going to mention being of Gods creations these animals are. That would invite a plethora of negative comments. This business cares enough about their customers to provide family entertainment. The customers should at a minimum care enough to step up and maybe help capture the children and their parents and maybe pen them in a pen. To be helpless to defend themselves and stone them as well. If this were made possible that would provide enough entertainment to cancel any and all plans I may have that day to join in and punish them just as they tortured these defensive birds. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Alow me to cast the first stone

  • Angela Rabold

    Due to witnesses coming forth, we have called the local police and they were here today at 5pm. We have called to press charges.

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