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Measuring your success

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TBP_Book_Wht-650×766Experts say that success is a state of mind, but they don`t give you the mechanism to creating that success.  This morning, Lana Fuchs, author of “The Blueprint: Success is a State of Mind”, joined WPMT FOX43 morning news to share some insider tips.

For more on Lana’s new book, click here.

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  • Janice Schmukler

    I watched this interview and could not believe the childish behaviour of your news casters. They acted immature with their laughing and rude behaviour. These "newspeople" are completely unprofessional. Why are they reporting the news! It was so rude that your newsperson interviewing Ms Fuchs laughed in her face…talk about being immature. What kind of people do you have working there?

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