Police: Newport man offered to pay teens $2,000 for oral sex

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A 19-year-old is charged with corruption of minors after allegedly paying two 15-year-old girls to perform oral sex on him at a Dauphin County park. The incident happened in early January at Deppen Park in Halifax Township.

Joseph Ryan Maynard, 19, of Newport, is accused of giving the teens a check for $2,000 to perform sexual acts on him while at the park.

The two teens told authorities they went to the park but no sexual acts occurred, state police said.

Maynard is charged with two counts of corruption of minors.


  • Ryan

    That is very discusting for someone to do that he should be put in jail for a while and get him to do that to someone and see how he likes it

  • chrissy1961

    yes most deffinately, so what will this pervert get out of what he did??? He should get state time for what he did.

  • hop

    Sounds like they took the check though? Did it bounce? If he wants to pay for a prostitute does he realize he can get one cheaper and would get a lot less charges since they wouldn't be minors? And if they didn't perform the acts how do the police know what the check was for? Did he write it in the memo line? Something sounds fishy to me. No, not saying sexual acts with minors is right, not right at all. But something from story seems to be missing here.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    Happened in January? A pretty long investigation there. He is going to be a terrific man in our society. Fits right in.

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