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Mild start to May

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MILD START TO MAY:  Showers and cooler weather is how we ended April, but May looks to start on a sunny and mild note!  Thanks to some blocked upper level flow, the jet stream will be forced to back up too, forming into the shape of the Greek letter omega (Ω).  This “omega block” as it’s called will keep cool, rainy, and showery weather to its base and warm, sunny, and dry air at its peak.  Guess where we will reside?  In the peak!  So the next few days will feature sunshine, dry weather, and 70s for the most part.  Enjoy!

Omega Block

The jet stream gets backed up and forms a ridge of warm air with cool air pooling at its bases. This is know an as an “Omega Block”.

Today, expect added sun and highs touching the 70° mark.  Tomorrow we have a near repeat performance.  By Friday, we get clipped with the edge of some energy sliding south along the eastern seaboard.  This will bring some clouds to our forecast and cool us off into the upper 60s for the day.

WEEKEND BLISS:  Clouds break up for Saturday and Sunday, with both days expected to be generally sunny.  Highs will top out in the low 70s with lows in the mid to upper 40s.  It’s a great start to the first weekend in May.

UNCORKED FLOW:  The backed up, blocked flow slowly breaks for next week.  We expect a low pressure to slowly float northward toward the mid-Atlantic.  With it, expect clouds and a few showers Monday.  Then scattered showers are possible Tuesday.  Highs will be near 70° on Monday and drop to the upper 60s Tuesday.  This part of the forecast is still pretty uncertain.

MAY OUTLOOK:  Here’s a look at the averages for the month of May.  Notice we continue on an upward trend when it comes to average temperatures and we gain 0:55 hours of sunlight too!

May Climate

Average highs & lows as well as sunrise and sunset times for Harrisburg.

The Climate Prediction Center has our region under an “Equal Chances” category for overall temps in May.  This means the chances we’ll see an above average, average, or below average month temperature wise are split equally at 33.3%.  We’ll have to see how this all pans out!

May Outlook

Our chances are split equally at 33.3% for an above average, average, or below average May temperatures wise.

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