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PA Senate to take up abortion coverage bill

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The Pennsylvania House taking the first step from preventing your tax dollars from paying for abortions. The Bill, would ban any healthcare plan in the state from covering elective abortions. The House passing the bill last week with a vote of 144 to 53. That vote, not even close with 36 Democrats passing party lines to vote in favor of it.

The only exceptions in the Bill are rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger.

“ It is a poor reflection on how far we have come as a nation and a state in the last 100 years,” says Rep. Brian Sims (D) Philadelphia County

The bill, drawing passionate response from lawmakers

“    This does not limit in any way a woman’s access to abortion services. It does not limit a woman’s ability to choose an abortion. It does not create any additional barriers to receive abortion services , ” says Rep. Donna Oberland ( R ) Clarion County

In the bill, women could attempt to obtain coverage on their own. If passed in the Senate, Pennsylvania would be the 18th state to pass a bill like this.

Republicans stresses tax payers shouldn’t be footing the bill while democrats say it’s an assault on women’s rights.


  • ray harris

    call me old , but this is how I feel . I would rather see an abortion than a mother mis treat a child she did not want . now I know every one says give them up , but there are so many children now that doesn't have a good home so why bring more into this sad world . and god lord the young teens having children they have no clue what they are getting into , they'll say they do , but they don't at 20 years old I sure did not know how hard it was until my better half left me with a 2 year old , boy did I wake up fast as a single dad it was tough . let the women make up her mind if she wants a child or not

    • Hue Jass

      Ray, sure let the women make up their mind and elect to do it if they so choose. BUT NOT ON MY DOLLAR. It's an elective procedure, one which I as a taxpayer receive zero benefit from and disagree with. Life has consequences, I'm sick of paying for other peoples bad decisions in life.

  • krystyna M.

    Hue, which is cheaper paying for an abortion or paying public assistance to the mother for possibly a life time to support the child's life. I know I would prefer not to have the mother & child on welfare for a life time.
    Ray, I agree with you better to help the mother now then have to support the child for a life time in foster care or worse.

    • Hue Jass

      First off, why is it my responsibility to pay for someone else's poor planning? I have the choice to either pay for the mom to be on welfare now because she cant work, or I have to pay for the procedure to kill the baby? Wow, is there anything else you'd like me to pay for? Again, getting pregnant is their choice, with consequences either way. I should not have to pay public assistance, nor for an abortion, for both of those services are due to poor planning on someone else's behalf. They had the ability to do things differently. Unlike someone who loses a job due to circumstances beyond their control, getting pregnant is within your ability to control. Hence, NOT MY PROBLEM.

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