Paying it Forward in Red Lion, York County

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A Red Lion, York County family whose daughter was stricken with a serious brain condition is surprised with $200 from Pay it Forward.

Life was pretty normal for the Kehoes of Red Lion. But all of that changed in an instant on February 9th, when their healthy, 12-year-old daughter Hailey suddenly collapsed.

“They had to rush her to the hospital and she ended up at Hershey with, it’s called AVM,” said family friend Linda Palmieri.

AVM is short for Arteriovenous Malformation, a tangle of abnormal arteries and veins.

The condition ruptured vessels in Hailey’s brain, causing a brain hemorrhage.

Hailey has since undergone two surgeries, spending five-and-a-half weeks at Hershey Medical Center. With more treatments ahead, things haven’t been easy for the family of five.

“Even now that they’re home waiting for the next surgery, there’s still a lot of physical therapy and speech therapy and trips back and forth to Hershey and so it’s just been a huge stress and strain for the family,” Palmieri said.

It’s a strain that Palmieri would like to help ease.

“They’re a wonderful, wonderful family,” she said. “Would do anything for anybody, so I want to be able to help them out.”

When Palmieri arrived at the Kehoes’ doorstep to surprise the family, mom Penny greeted her at the door.

“Hey! I’m here with FOX43’s Pay it Forward,” Palmieri said. “And we want to give you $200 from FOX43.”

“Oh my God, are you kidding?” Penny Kehoe asked.

Hailey Kehoe expressed her gratitude for all of the help her family has been receiving in their time of need.

“I’d just like to say thank you for helping me get better,” she said.

The Kehoes have a community rallying around them, bringing them food, raising money and just helping out with whatever they need.

“We’ve definitely been blessed, we have a lot of support, which has definitely helped us as well,” Penny Kehoe said. “Our faith got us through and she’s doing amazing. Can’t ask for anything better.”

Hailey’s twin sister Jenna definitely agrees with her mom.

“It’s really nice to have her back,” Jenna said. “She’s just my partner in crime, I can’t do anything without her.”

Hailey is looking forward to getting back to doing the things she enjoys.

“Getting back to school!” she said. “Most kids wouldn’t say that, but I like school!”

Hailey has at least another surgery or two ahead of her and her friends and teachers are looking forward to welcoming her back when she’s ready.

Friends of the Kehoes have set up a donation fund to help them with medical costs. The fund is in Hailey Kehoe’s name at the Wells Fargo branch in Red Lion.


  • Shannen Williams

    Love you guys, you definitely deserve it. So proud of how strong you all have been!

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