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UPDATE: Lancaster City Police ID mother of dead baby

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police identify the mother of a 27 – 29 week old baby found dead at Lancaster’s McCaskey East High School.  Police were called to the school at around 10 o’clock Tuesday night.  A school custodian discovered the body of a fetus in a lavatory trash can.  After conducting interviews and reviewing surveillance video with the schools resource officer, the child’s mother was identified as a 19 year old McCaskey East student.

The young woman told investigators that she had given birth in the school bathroom Monday afternoon.  The investigation into the case continues in conjunction with the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office and in cooperation with the School District of Lancaster.  Anyone with information in the case is asked to call Lancaster City Police at (717) 735-3300.


  • chrissy1961

    If you didn't want anyone to know about the pregnancy? Why open your legs,? Now you killed a human being, Do you realize how much trouble you will be in?

    • grimm

      most likely the fetus was not born alive or would have been able to survive even with immediate medical assistance – please read….

      it is rare for a baby to survive whose weight is less than 500 gm or whose fertilization age is less than 22 weeks. Even fetuses born between 26 and 28 weeks have difficulty surviving, mainly because the respiratory system and the central nervous system are not completely differentiated…

      • Meg

        Actually that is extremely untrue. It is very likely that at 7 months gestation if he wasn't already a stillborn, meaning he had already died in her womb when she went into premature labor that he took a breath. If he took just one breath she can face a homicide charge. They have ways of proving that he took a breath if she doesn't admit it. Fetus' are considered viable at 25 weeks so if she had gone to a hospital they would have tried to save him.

  • fairytreadinglightly

    There are so many people out there who can't have their own child and would give everything to adopt. You had the choice to give this child up for adoption but you chose to turn your back on that helpless baby and walk away from it while it died slowly and alone. That makes you cold hearted and a murderer. I feel you should get the book thrown at you. I know you'll get everything that comes to you on the inside of the prison. May that baby rest in peace.

  • amber

    you should rot and hell for what you did to that innocent child. Rest in peace little one.

  • teen moms

    Wow, how quick some of you are to judge. You know nothing about this girl's situation or how this fetus came to be in the trash. This girl could very well be suffering from post traumatic stress and made a poor decision. She may very well having been willing to give the child up for adoption if it had actually been carried to full term. She might not have even known she was even pregnant.

    None of you care about these types of things. You would rather paint this girl out to be a monster. My heart goes out to this girl. This is a seriously traumatic event that she went through. If this girl did something ill willed against this fetus, that is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life. Most of these type of cases are just scared kids who don't know what else to do. Two lives have been shattered today, not just one.

  • Reality check

    The previous poster is correct about the CHILD’S weight and chance of survival. However, there would have been a good chance of survival with immediate NICU care present during the delivery. That baby boy could have had a decent shot at survival had this young woman not decided to give birth in a bathroom. But she took that chance away from him. Regardless, the issue here is the fact that a legal adult chose to kill a child. This is murder even if she is diagnosed with some sort of mental illness. She is sitting in Lancaster County prison and has ruined her life and killed an innocent child. Sadly, most likely she did not have proper prenatal care probably because of not wanting to be pregnant. Sure sounds like she hid it from everyone. There are many other paths she could have chosen and she didn’t. It’s murder regardless of chance of survival.

  • anthony

    Please tell me if I have not read more on this horrible situation. Did the police release more information than what I am reading here?
    19 years old and still in High School? The mother may be 19 but she is really still a child. Maybe a very scared and hurt child. While I agree that what happened to the baby is very deplorable and depressing I for one am going to hold judgment on the mother until we all know the facts. Like I said this is another sad case of a child carrying a baby. She may be very scared and hurting too.

  • Been there.

    How many of the above judgemental posts were made by women who were pregnant as a teenager. I was, and that was 43 years ago when judgements and opinions were sharp and non-forgiving. I can tell you from experience, the situation was the single most scariest, confusing time of my life. I was 17. And, without a family support system, who know what decisions I would have made on my own. My baby girl (now 42) has a Master's degree, a beautiful home, and is in the field of humanities. She is an angel whom walks among us. My heart goes out to this 19 year old, and why is a 19 year old still in high school, and yes, some 19 year olds are still children.

  • Truthbeknown

    That little Angel is not here with us and do not have to suffer. The young lady who gave birth to the child was as said a child her self and it appears a very frighten one. Where she didn't have help maybe she will get it. If she didn't have anyone to turn to maybe she does now. And if there were no open ears in which to hear her cries hopefully there will be. It's so hard when you make a bad decision and have no one you can turn too maybe just maybe this was her case. Sometimes parents become so rapped up into going to work some times two jobs trying to provide for the family, then to tired to even notice the children. Who knows what the situation was to lead up to this very sad event. I pray that God has mercy on the young mother and that all truth's come fourth and any help that can be given will be.

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