UPDATE: Police arrest mother of dead fetus found in high school bathroom

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The 19 year old mother of a dead fetus discovered in a trash can at Lancaster’s McCaskey East is charged by police.  Lancaster Police allege that after giving birth in a McCaskey East HS bathroom,  Cherlie LaFleur, attempted to flush the newborn down the toilet.  When that didn’t work, she disposed of the fetus in the bathroom trash can in an attempt to conceal the death of the infant.  Investigators say concealment of a child death can take place whether the child was born dead or alive.

LaFleur was arraigned Wednesday evening on count of Concealing the Death of a Child.  She was taken to Lancaster County Prison.  Her bail has been set at one million dollars.  Police say their investigation continues.



  • c. weaver

    their are so many parents wanting a child that this girl just didnt have to do this.i feel bad for the unborn baby!

    • MyTakeOnIt

      Ummmm, the baby WAS born.
      And if parents want a child, they are already parents, so what is stopping them?
      And if "people" or "couples" want a child, why don't they adopt one?

  • KStein

    This girl has been arrested, and charged with a crime…rightfully so, but please explain to me how that butcher in Philadelphia was acquitted on 3 counts of murder for doing the exact same thing, except he was much more brutal and blase' that this scared young woman! ?That man took an oath to PRESERVE life and he murdered hundreds if not thousands of babies!!!! This entire world is so messed up, makes me sick!!!!

  • MyTakeOnIt

    $1 million? The teen did not set fire to the school. What type of risk is she to society at large. She made a horrible mistake that was most likely from fear and she will be paying for it.

  • Linda G Fready

    No one knows what went on in this young girls mind. I'm sure there is more to this story than anyone of us will ever know. Just remember,There's only ONE true Judge, and that's GOD. She will be judged in a much higher court,I wouldn't want to be in her shoes on judgement day.

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