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15-year-old Manchester girl lied about assault behind a convenience store

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The 15-year-old juvenile female that reported she was assaulted, on April 9th, 2013 in Manchester, PA, is now saying that she lied.

A Northeastern Regional Police detective has been working hard on this case coming up with suspects, and has shown the “victim” several photo line ups with no suspects positively identified. This week the detective met the victim at the crime scene where she confessed that she had lied about the incident and that it did not happen.

She advised that she lied about the incident because she was walking home with a male friend, and they were flirting, and she was afraid they would get in trouble. At this time the Northeastern Regional Police is closing the case since there are no real suspects, and no danger to the public. The York County District Attorney’s Office has advised the police department not to file charges for False Reports in this case.


  • stephanie cauler

    If this little bitch lied…she deserves to go to jail for what she did and made to go on the news to make a public appology for what she did…….There are people everyday that do get attacked and the people get away….and there are people in jail for crimes they did not do….she was wrong and needs to make it right.

  • douglas B

    This girl caused an uproar in a quiet town, and cost the local police about 100 man hours of investigative time. That time expense probably equiovcates to about five thousand dollars. She and/or her family should be on the hook for this; it's not a game, parents and kids.

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