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Lt. Governor Cawley opens first Military Installation Commission Meeting

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Lt. Governor Jim Cawley today challenged members of the Pennsylvania Military Community Protection Commission to be advocates for the Pennsylvanians who rely on the bases for their livelihoods.

Today was the first meeting of the commission, created by Gov. Tom Corbett to monitor federal activities that might impact military installations in the state.

“Thank you for volunteering to take up the cause of the men and women, both in uniform and civilians, the military bases at which they serve and these communities,” Cawley said.

“We know that resources are in short supply. But we also know that freedom and national security will be in even shorter supply if someone makes the ill considered decision to close our bases,” he added.

The commission members gathered at the Kings Gap Environmental Education Center near Carlisle and heard presentations from Executive Director Col. Joseph Spielbauer (retired) and Lt. General Ronald Adams (retired).

“There is a profound competition going on right now as other states seek to save their bases. Every one of these states has a strong case to make. Ours must be the strongest. This is a large task, but it is a vital task,” Cawley said.

The commission is made up of four members of the General Assembly and 11 others familiar with military installations and their operations appointed by the governor.

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