Prayers to prevent a new strip club in York County

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Some York County Christians are passionately praying for a purpose.  They believe their prayers will prevent approval of an application for a strip club.  Otherwise, neighbors fear immoral behaviors will filter throughout their community.

In a prayer vigil at a strip mall on Delta Road, in Chanceford Township, hundreds surround the building that’s the potential home of a new strip club.

Joanne Colyer orchestrated the prayer vigil.  She says, “It’s about reaching out to the men involved, so they can see how passionate we are in our faith, that maybe they might have a change of heart and want what we have.”

Colyer says prayer will prevent approval of an application for an adult venue.

“It destroys families, it destroys women, everything is immoral and dishonoring to God,” Colyer says.

Daniel Warner is the Pastor of Antioch 1611 Baptist Church, in Stewartstown.  He says, “I think the Devil’s taking too much ground in this country and it’s time for Christians to stand up and not fight physically but battle in prayer.”

Warner says  they’ll continue to pray until May 23rd.  That’s when the Chanceford Township Board decides the fate of the proposed strip club at a zoning hearing.

“If you don’t think it will work, you don’t know my God,” Warner says.

And on Facebook, more than 430 neighbors oppose the idea in the “Citizens against Strip Club” group.

Terry Sutton is the president of Alliance Commercial Realty, in York.  He submitted the application for the club.  He says anyone has the option to apply for an application to lease or buy the space.  This move could possibly prevent the tenant who wants a strip club from moving forward.


  • louise

    The pastor did not say it's time for Christ to stand up he said "it's time for Christians to stand up"fyi

  • Hersey17356

    So, to sum up, a bunch of people who haven't gotten laid for fun in a long time decided to have a combined "Sucks To Be Us" and "Why Should You Have Fun When I'm Not" party and invited the media to draw attention to themselves because misery loves company. Still waters do run deep and straight trees have crooked roots, methinks…

  • Diane

    WOW, how old are you guys??? And if this was next door to your house, and you had children, I think you would feel differently. We live in a dry towship for a reason, we dont want the booze down here. And as far as The other things you mentioned, Chic fa la, you are welcome to protest them. That s part of our rights in the country. And as far as the "party", I am losing my job because of this club, the owner of the mall ran the family restaurant out. so, maybe you need to grow up, and think before you speak, you sound like a spoiled 5 year old.

  • Believer

    I am thankful that my country does not prompt the selling of their daughters for money esp. since I am a daughter. Then when these daughters are sold the become dancers in a strip club…..which leads to
    men taking advantage of them…..I will erect the Cross of Christ because that is the only thing that
    stands in the gap….what is the statement
    Evil thrives when good men do nothing

  • Momma of 3

    As for Hersey17356 and Agnostic Ang- Obviously you 2 have no respect for women or the true meaning of two peoples bodies being engaged in a sexual way! So that tells me that you two have never really loved a woman or had the true enjoyment of what God wanted physically between man and woman! You are both sickening. My 13 year old son and 10 year old son have more brains and respect then you two! And as for the comment of these people not getting laid……………..well all I can say for you is you must not be either because you are wanting to pay to get laid- so doesn't say much for you now does it!?

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