Family of Cumberland Co. murder victim warned her about husband – Tonight after MLB All-Star Game

Boston bombing suspect finally buried

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tamerlan tsarnaevWORCESTER, Mass. — The difficult question of where Tamerlan Tsarnaev should be buried appears to have been settled.

The body of the slain Boston Marathon bombings suspect has been entombed thanks to a “courageous and compassionate individual (who) came forward,” police in Worcester, Massachusetts, said Thursday.

Police did not say where the body was entombed, but did say that the body was “no longer in the city of Worcester,” where the body had been at a funeral home while relatives and officials tried to determine what to do.

The city’s police chief “thanks the community that provided the burial site,” police said in a statement.

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  • JustSayin

    Should have sent him overboard like they did Bin Ladin. What a disgrace to still have his remains in our country!

  • Ayeesha

    Excuse me yes he did wrong by all means but he is human and still a child of God grow up get ove rthis and move on in life.

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