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Golf Tip of the Week: “Getting out of the Bunker”

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FOX43 Golf Tip of The Week: Playing from a Fairway Bunker

We’re here at Royal Manchester golf club in York County for the FOX43 Golf Tip of the week.  Joining us now, their head pro, Kieron Mooney.  Kieron, what are we talking about today?

“Trying to get out of the bunker.  You shouldn’t be afraid when you get into the bunker.  We are going to try and help you get out.”

“Lets get a ball into position. We’ll put it into a nice area so its not buried.  We want to come in about 2 inches behind teh golf ball and about 2 inches in front of the golf ball so this area of the sand we are actually putting sand between the golf ball and the club face.  So we are trying to actually scoop this amount of sand between entry and exit underneath the golf ball so there will be sand between the face and the ball.  Thats how you get out of the bunker pretty safely”

Thats a great shot.  Thanks for joining us on the FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.