Family of Cumberland Co. murder victim warned her about husband – Tonight after MLB All-Star Game

Sentencing On Hold

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The sentencing phase for Jodi Arias has been delayed.  It will resume next week in Arizona.  No reason has been given for the delay.  It was breaking news across the country last night when a jury found her guilty in the murder of her ex-boyfriend.  The trial received national attention during the four months of testimony.  After the verdict she told a tv station in Phoenix she preferred the death penalty over life in prison.  Arias is now on suicide watch.

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  • Bigted

    If u take someone life who are we to judge and say that that person should die my cousin was killed by her husband in 1997 and yes at the time I wanted him dead but who are we to say that he needs to die well I just remembered one thing GOD told us to learn and forgive no matter what at least justic was served and now he is in jail for life and now there daughter can choose to c her father so lets not give this lady what she wants let her sit in jail and think what she did thanks for listening big Ted out.

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