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Tanker fire prompts cancellation of HAAC final exams; Wildwood Park Closed

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Drivers facing major delays aren’t the only ones affected by the tanker fire.  Students facing finals at Harrisburg Area Community College were told they’re going to have to wait until next week to resume.

The bumper to bumper traffic has been on-going since earlier Thursday morning when students were first waking up to take their exams.  But some students never got the memo for extra study time, leaving them stuck in traffic.

Officials at HAAC say this is the first time the campus has closed for a traffic related incident.

Meanwhile, Wildwood park is closed to the public because of heavy smoke caused by the fuel tanker.  In addition, the accident caused a diesel fuel leak that spilled over onto Wildwood Lake and Paxton Creek.  DEP officials say the fuel is being contained on the water in Wildwood Lake.

Officials say no fish have been killed and there’s no threat to the river.