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The effects of student loan debt

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A new study from the American Institute of CPAs finds that the lives and finances of the 38.8 million Americans in student debt have been seriously affected. Survey respondents said student loan debt delayed their ability to buy a home, contribute to retirement accounts, get married, and even required them to work additional jobs.

Expert CPAs Ernie Almonte and Clare Levison are talk about the survey findings and offer tips for managing student loan debt.


  • John Q

    Personally I don't see how student loan debt is so bad. Granted I served in military before college and earned GI Bill as a result but ignore that for a moment. I went to community college for 2 years before transferring to major state university. Did final 2 years at major university drastically lowering my overall 4 year college cost. And you know what, my bachelors degree still has the major state university on it with no mention of the 2 years at community college. To me as an adult returning to school, college was about the education and not the "college experience" which IMO is not worth the additional debt. As a result I will steer my child on a similar path with community college…if my $$$ is involved. If you want to shell out thousands so your prince or princess can have that "college experience" have it but then don't complain about cost or student loan debt.

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