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Bikers want to end violence in York

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The sound of hundreds of rumbling motorcycles could be heard in york on Saturday, as riders hit the streets to end violence.
City2City Street Burners hosted their second annual “Ride To End Violence” event in hopes of putting an end to crime.
They rode through parts of York that have experienced the most violence in recent months.
“We are looking to go through the community, we want to send a message to the students, to the kids, we see in the park to let them know there is better way other than violence. There are too many kids being killed, no bullet has a name on it. People are being hit by stray bullets, families are losing their loved ones,” said Joe Wintermyers, who is a member of City2City.
The motorcyclists started their ride, like many others, with a bike blessing.


  • wanda

    My son and grandson saw all the bikes and and were excited to see so many……we live in the countryside, this was their 1st trip into Down town York…..nice to see a positive group doing a great thing!

  • Justin

    It's a wonderful thing.. Probably raises hopes of many people, I hate to say this but this is a lost cause. Recent years violence has been getting worse. I believe in chances but inner city violence will never stop

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