Mass casualty drill helps first responders prepare for the worst

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A mass casualty drill was held Saturday in Adams County. Emergency responders from across the area were called to Biglerville High School for a mock building collapse.
The event brought out dozens of agencies to practice working together in handling such a distastrous event.
Volunteers also took part; acting as injured and deceased victims.
Fire Chief Eric Bowmaster, with Biglerville Hose & Truck Company says, “You never want to roll up on a scene and not have any kind of training background. Training in a classroom setting is one thing, but when you get actual hands on with multiple responders, it’s so much more valuable.”
15-year old Paige Sauble volunteered at the drill.
She says, “So, if you were ever stuck in a situation relating to this, you know exactly what firefighters and EMT’s are looking for first, you know if you can help you go to this person and try to help as much as you can, a loved one, someone who’s severely injured.”
Many of the pretend patients were taken to Gettysburg Hospital for treatment, just like they would be during a real emergency.
Hundreds of people took part in this first of its kind drill, to make it a success.