Brad Paisley fulfills promise to fan who died of cancer

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An Ephrata, Lancaster County man who died of pancreatic cancer in November will forever live on through the song of a country music superstar.

FOX43 first introduced you to Lee Feldman in October, when he fulfilled his dying wish of giving his prized, custom-made guitar to Brad Paisley.

“I had this dream and I said who can I find that can play the frets off a guitar? And the voice came out and it said, ‘Brad Paisley.'” Feldman said.

Feldman realized his dream when he met Paisley before a show in Hershey and gave him the guitar.

It was a meeting Paisley recounted in an interview with Country Now TV posted on YouTube.

“He was a really feisty, wonderful old guy,” Paisley said of Feldman.

That night, Paisley made a promise to Feldman that he would use the guitar on his next album. It was a promise he kept.

“Towards the end of the record, I brought it in the studio and set it in there,” Paisley said. “And I went, ‘I know the song for that.'”

Hearing the track, “Officially Alive,” for the first time, Feldman’s close friends and towards the end, caretakers Joyce and Dave Wilhide couldn’t help but smile.

“Lee knows. He knows about this. And I think he’s sitting up there going, ‘Yeah, I knew that he would do this,'” Joyce Wilhide said.

“He told me, he said, ‘I want this to live on.’ So we ended the record with it,” Paisley said.

“Officially Alive” is the last song on Paisley’s latest album “Wheelhouse.”

The album is in stores now.


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