Harrisburg city council votes in favor of dogs’ rights

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city councilHarrisburg police found two emaciated pit bull puppies dead at a house just a few days ago.

Its caused city council to take action on Tuesday night.

Council voted unanimously on an ordinance to prevent cruelty towards dogs.

Council members hope passing this bill will raise awareness with state lawmakers.

They went on to say this first step with the anti-tethering law will give guidelines on the proper way dogs should be chained up in a yard.

” We we put forth a bill,” says council member Brad Koplinski, “that would prohibit the length in which a dog could be chained outside, the type of chain that could be used. You can’t put the dog out in extreme heat. I think it’s really going to be a situation where it’s going to benefit a lot of dogs in the city. ”

Humane Society officer will be patrolling neighborhoods making sure the public obeys this new law. If residents choose not to, they could pay up to a 300 dollar fine.

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