LeSean McCoy sued for assault

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Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and his bodyguard are being sued by a woman who claims they assaulted her and left her on the New Jersey Turnpike.  The woman says she is one of 15 women who accompanied the Harrisburg native, his bodyguard, and three other men on a bus trip from Philadelphia to a nightclub in New York City back in December.

In the complaint she says one of them hit her in the face and poured a drink on her. She says then they made the driver stop on the New Jersey Turnpike and kicked her off, leaving her stranded on the turnpike.

Police say when they interviewed the woman shortly after the incident she had no visible injuries.

According to TMZ, they spoke with McCoy’s lawyer Andrew Smith. “The allegations against LeSean McCoy are completely, unequivocally false,” says McCoy’s attorney Andrew Smith. “This is sadly an attempt to extract money and LeSean will vigorously defend any attempt to collect money through a personal injury claim.”


  • WhatNext

    Makes one wonder what the woman did to be asked to leave the bus. I doubt that she is blameless in all this.

  • Guest

    Leaving someone stranded with no reasonable means of escape = false imprisonment, so regardless of what this woman did, Mr. McCoy would likely be guilty of that. But it does make one wonder when society will stop idolizing these lowlife pigs instead of the doctors, preachers and teachers, who actually make a difference.

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