Red Lion transgender student wants male name read at graduation

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A transgender Red Lion student speaking out against his birth name being read at graduation.  Isaak Wolfe, who was born a girl, is working on getting his name legally changed. But, the school refuses to read it that way at the ceremony.  Wolfe , preparing a statement, and along with friends, family, and a petition of 2,000 signatures  came to Thursday night’s school board meeting to speak about the issue.
“ Reading my male name at graduation wouldn’t hurt anyone. Reading my female name would hurt me immensely. Is it more important to push around a teenage then it is to make the school a safe place for students?,” says Isaak Wolfe

The board didn’t make a decision Thursday. The school district’s solicitor says had Wolfe already gotten his name legally changed, this wouldn’t be an issue.


  • Steph

    I'm all for him being treated with respect and so forth, but I do see the School's point. His male name is not his legal name yet. When I graduated they read my given/Legal name, not what everyone and I do mean everyone called me. I was not offended by it. I know his situation is different, but everyone else's legal will be read at graduation. Don't get me wrong I am all for excepting people for who they are and he should be shown that respect regardless if he was born a female or a male.

    • Shiloh

      They have no legal obligation to say his legal name though.. it's just a bull reason to justify themselves.

  • anthony

    Is this all about one persons name or one person trying to make a name for them self? Meet in the middle for He /She. Issak Sierra or she / he Siera Issak. Let it go at that.

  • Rebecca

    i beleive they should read his name as Isaak at graduation…..after all it is the name he goes by…..and yes it would hurt him more then anyone……and i for one back isaak 100 percent …i hope that it sets a example for others who have too deal with in the future that they as well take a stand……keep your head up isaak ,you are not alone….

  • Legal name

    This is ridiculous how many articles are related to this! The legal name should be read at graduation. If this was going to be so "hurtful" then the name should have been changed a long time ago! I understand that she is going through the process of becoming male but obviously all the changes have not been made…..this is not the school districts problem!

    • Angry Boy

      You disgust me. HE is male and his name should be read that way. Maybe someone should cut your cock off and then you'll know how it feels to be trapped in the wrong body!

  • Amy

    Post op ts here. Hate to say it but I feel the school should go with legal name. They could add an aka to the end but my thought was , if name was such an issue this person should have had it legally changed beforehand. Let me tell you it’s a pain when you have different names on important documents. Good luck

    • Angry Boy

      If you're a transsexual, why do you think he, another one, should have his identity invalidated and disrespected? Maybe he couldn't get his name legally changed yet, and it's not his fault. Would you like to be in his shoes? I don't think so.

    • shiloh

      There is NO legal obligation to the school to read Isaak. None. There is literally NO legal reason they can't.

      So what is the problem? Basic stubbornness.

  • tsshopping

    Read the legal name. If this is such a huge issue why didn't he or his parents change the name before this??? Then this would not be an issue!

    • Angry Boy

      It's hard and it takes a long time to get a name legally changed. He's in that process, and it's not his fault it hasn't been changed yet.

      • Shamus

        It's a difficult process because it's not supposed to happen. Heck, it'd be awesome to become a dolphin or something, but alas, I wasn't born that way. Lose the rage, hammerhead.

  • Thomas raupers

    More Bullying in the schools Now by the school officials Themselves. They pretend to teach anti-bullying But the only apply it when they want to It seems our society always has to feel that they are better than someone else It used to be people of color, Jews or women Now the low people in Society are Gay or transgender

  • Guest

    I sympathize with the young person involved but that doesn't change the fact that legally the name is what was given at birth. they could WANT to be called Easter Bunny, but by law the name that they must use on an legal papers is the birth name until they have the legal final documentation to show it changed. If they have been going by another name its a nickname. If they have been signing forms, drivers license, etc as any other name than the legal birth name, unfortunately they have been going by an illegal alias and could be in trouble for it. I say "make calls & get the ball rolling faster to get the name changed LEGALLY before graduation" that way the school won't have to make a call one way or the other.

    • Angry Boy

      He should be addressed as a male, and that should not get him in trouble, like you say it can.

  • Shamus

    Everyone wants to be famous and in the news. The easiest way anymore is to say you're gay and make a stink about it. Way to go America. There's less fortunate people hungry, dying and oppressed in the rest of the world, and we fuss about our name not being read to our satisfaction after we spent a lot of money on getting a sex change. Selfish society! WHO ARE WE? We're lucky only in the sense that we won the "birth lottery". Guaranteed if you were born in Namibia, thinking that you're gay wouldnt even cross your mind. This whole gay thing is societal, not genetical.

      • Jocko Johnson

        What would the difference be? It's pretty clear to me… penis = boy, vagina = girl, both = hermaphrodite… in this case she has a vagina and therefore is a girl. She dates women and therefore a women/women relationship is gay. You can argue semantics all you want but it's a binary discussion.

        She's going to have plenty of other problems so let her pretend shes a boy and use her made up swanky boy name. People just need to understand that tolerance doesn't mean forced acceptance.

        • Shamus

          Right back at ya Angry Boy. I'm guessing if your parents were half decent they'd have taught you to use appropriate language, and not be so gay.

  • Justine Valinotti

    I am a post-op transsexual woman who is happy that, perhaps, Issak Wolf will not have to endure some of the pain I had.

    I did not go to my prom, in part, because I could not go as the person I truly am. In fact, there are many things I didn't do for that very reason. And there are others I tried to do as the male I am not. Of course, those things failed, sometimes disastrously.

    Let him go to the prom as the person he is. I'm sure that there are plenty of girls in his school (and elsewhere) who'd love to dance with him!

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