Saving A Buck: Stop Fighting About Money

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(KFOR) – When it comes to money and marriage you will likely see a bit of conflict.

Combining finances can be stressful.

In fact, studies show money often starts more arguments than children, chores or even work.

Not only that, one study we found says couples who disagree about money once a week are more likely to divorce than those who disagree about money once a month.

However, experts say money doesn’t have to be such a battle.

Jennifer and Taylor Hanna have been married almost two years.

Jennifer said, “Neither one of us like having that conversation.”

Both are self-employed and admit money can cause stress in a marriage.

Jennifer said, “I’m a worrier and he’s more of, oh, it will fix itself don’t worry about it.”

Tracy Ann Miller, with Red River Advisors, said, “Many times financial problems are what breaks up marriages, but it’s not necessary.”

Miller says finances don’t have to be a point of contention.

She said, “It’s very common for people to have different spending habits.”

Miller says married couples or those considering marriage need to open up about their own financial situations.

She says couples should look at debt, spending habits and financial responsibility. Next, assign jobs like who will pay the bills or track investments.

Miller said, “The key is to sit down and have a plan, to talk about it.”

One of the most important things for any marriage Miller says is to be honest about your spending.

Miller said, “Financial infidelity can ruin a marriage just like sexual infidelity.”

Compromise is also essential.

If sitting down to talk about finances causes more problems, don’t be afraid to seek financial counseling.

Miller said, “It’s not a deal breaker if you don’t see eye to eye. You just have to be willing to talk about it.”

For the Hannas, money is not a fun conversation but it’s one they are learning to handle better the more they communicate their needs and concerns.

If you feel like you need a little help getting the conversation started Tracy Ann Miller has developed a financial compatibility quiz to help couples know where to start.

QUIZ: Take the quiz

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