Learning about life through death

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Every day you make choices that hurt or help your life.  Maybe your family and mentors have helped shape the way you live.  But what about those who’ve passed away?  It may sound eerie, but death can actually be a guiding tool into the way you choose to live.

“If we study death, we can see how we should live,” says Dauphin County Coroner, Graham Hetrick.

Hetricks spends his days determining causes of death.

He says, “child abuse, obesity, heart disease, gun shot wounds, stab wounds, domestics, they all tell a story about how we should be living.”

Hetrick says he hopes Hollywood will help him raise questions on why we do what we do, even though it may cause an end to life.

Hetrick says, “Create a national debate, who are we, where are we going?  What are we as Americans?”

Shows like CSI and Bones may have some real life competition.  If A&E executives like LMNO Cable Groups “Graham Of Evidence” pilot, a reality show featuring the bow-tie wearing, shiny beared coroner may be the next big hit.

Hetrick says, “It’s not a crime show.  It’s about medical, legal death and how we can learn about what we see out there.”

For the so-called “New Sherlock Holmes of Medical Investigators,” seeing is believing.

Hetrick says, “Every time we open a body we are finding a story.”

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  • Esco

    That's very true. My body is my temple and the care I put into it matters. There's so many hazards and addictions that can ruin the temple. Gotta make the right choices to live a good life, if you don't you'll leave a mess for a medical examiner to figure out. Clean living is the way..

    Nice article Rebecca.. = )

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