Living in her SUV, woman turns over 23 cats and dog to Humane League

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A woman who recently lost her home and is now living in her SUV, yesterday signed over her 23 cats and dog to the Humane League of Lancaster County.  The 23 cats including three kittens,  in various colors,  size, and age, were in several crates  inside the SUV without food or water. All were in need of medical attention.  Some suffered from dehydration, others upper respiratory infections and eye infections.

kittens 2

The dog, a little Jack Russell mix, is suffering from fur loss and a skin infection from a severe flea allergy. She also is in need of dental work.


When all the medical needs of the animals are addressed, they will be available for  adoption.  If community members would like to make a donation to help cover the cost of caring for the animals, please visit and choose program designation Animal Rescue Fund.


  • Esco

    Smart move for the lady to understand she was in over her head, glad she made the right choice and the animals can move on with their lives the way a pet should..

  • WhatNext

    Yes, I too, am glad that this woman made the right choice for her animal friends. BUT, has anyone done anything to help HER??? Apparently she has fallen on hard times.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    It's sad when people try to be kind and take in homeless pets then end up fostering about as much pain as if the animals would run wild.

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