Two men questioned after kidnapping report in Lancaster

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A terrifying ordeal for a woman in Lancaster Tuesday, after she called 911 from the trunk of a car to report that she’d been abducted by two men.

The 33-year-old woman made the call just before 9 a.m. leading police to the Lancaster County Central Park.

“There were about 20 something cop cars around and you know, news cameras,” said Faith Willner, who lives near the park. “I wasn’t sure what was going on at first and then I found out that there was an abduction and they were in the park.”

A state police helicopter, bloodhounds and several other agencies joined Lancaster Police officers at Lancaster County Central Park, where they quickly found the woman and the red Chrysler sedan.

“In about 15-20 minutes, we did locate the vehicle. We located the victim,” said Lt. Todd Umstead of the Lancaster Police Department. “She was up walking and talking to detectives, nothing life-threatening but sustained some minor injuries.”

But there was no sign of the two men. Officers on foot and horseback scoured the 544 acre park, which was closed off during the search.

“It’s a large, huge area, a wooded area, so there were some challenges searching an area this big,” Umstead said.

After several hours, officers took two men in for questioning and reopened the park.

Park visitors said the whole situation was unusual.

“I walk my dog here in the park a lot, so I feel really safe here during the day,” she said. “I wouldn’t come here at night at all, but I feel very safe during the day.”

Police have yet to release the names of the two men and if they’re charged with any crime. Investigators are also trying to determine just where the abduction happened.