Hanover woman gets help cleaning up a dilapidated home

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Some neighbors in York County are speaking out about an abandoned and delapidated home that’s now being cleaned up.

Dirty remnants of rodents and ceiling high clutter hide in a Hanover home.

“Lawn mowers, weedwackers, bathtubs, chairs, animals groundhogs, raccoons, cats,” are just some of the things neighbor, Cody Myers has seen next door.

Neighbors say the Brewster street eyesore is unlivable.

Penn Township manager, Jeff Garvick, says he received three complaints of rodent infestation.  They prompted him to contact owner Susan Potter who hasn’t been living there for two years.

Garvick says, “Notices of violations were sent but no charges were actually filed because when the notices were sent.”

That’s when a reality show stepped in to do the dirty work.  And the township is avoiding what could have been the possible legal expense to demolish the home.

But if you were to sense something wrong in your neighborhood, Garvick says contact your town.

“There would be no reason for us to go inside a house to investigate without having a legitimate complaint about something being wrong inside,” says Garvick.

Penn Township Operates under the International Property Maintenance Code which tells them how to proceed with home violations.  You can contact your local town officials if you suspect a problem in your neighborhood.

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