Alleged abduction in Lancaster turns out to be hoax

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Anmaria alleged abduction in Lancaster Tuesday turns out to be a hoax.  Lancaster City Police say  Maria Collazo of New Holland, has been charged with falsely reporting her own abduction. She originally told police she was abducted by two men in a parking lot, and then taken to Lancaster City Park where they assaulted her before locking her in the trunk of her car.  That’s when a massive man hunt began looking for those two men. After reviewing photos and videos detectives discovered the woman never entered the parking lot on East Walnut Street and actually drove her car to the Lancaster City Park where police found her.

“ It makes angry, we out a lot of time into this, a lot of departments put a lot of time into this. A lot of money, a lot of tax payer money. There were other things we could have been doing there’s real crime, real victims, that we could have been spending our time solving,” says Lt. Todd Umstead, Lancaster City Police

Collazo was arrested Thursday at City Police Headquarters and charged with false alarms to agencies of public safety and false reports to law enforcement authorities. Both are misdemeanors. Collazo is being held in  Lancaster County Prison ON $5,000 dollars bail.