Amanda Bynes Arrested

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Actress Amanda Bynes is in trouble with the law again.  Police busted her for yet another bizarre crime.  Her apartment building manager told police the actress was smoking marijuana.  Officers went to her apartment and saw a bong sitting on her coffee table which Bynes threw out the window.  Bynes was in court Friday where she insisted it was a vase not a bong.  The judge let her go without bail.  Judges dismissed a pair of hit and run incidents against her last year and she has a dui case pending in California right now.


  • Ted

    Ok the weed is not bad but come on what is this judge thinking on two hit and runs letting her go now what if they were his kids getting by her then he would of through the book at her this is a bad case of judgement and he is a judge comeon our system is corrupted and always will be now the judge should be charged with something especially if the people were hurt

  • MyTakeOnIt

    Why call these bizarre crimes? Stuff like this occurs all the time. Since they occur with people who do not hold the occupation of "actor or actress", they are not as interesting.
    Who is this chick anyway?

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