AMVETS step up to replace disabled man’s stolen wheelchair

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A disabled Lancaster man the victim of theft  after someone stole his wheelchair Monday. Markys Smith, who was born with Cerebral Palsy had his main form of transportation stolen right of his front porch.

“ I can`t go anywhere without it. I`m used to being out on my own a lot, coming and going whenever I want,” says Markys Smith

But  Friday, one group stepped up to the plate to help  him. When the American Veterans Post 19  found out about Smith’s situation they knew they had to help .

“It`s despicable. If they could see how he is without his wheelchair, they might have thought twice about it,” says Micky Grimm with AMVETS Post 19

They donated a motorized wheel chair to replace the one that was taken from him. Smith’s smile alone, shows just how grateful he was for the new chair, and another chance to be mobile again.

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