Harrisburg man faces 100 years of criminal charges

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A slew of charges have been filed against the Harrisburg man who led police on a car chase which seriously injured two people.

29 year old Christopher Michael Slaughter’s bail is set at $500,000.00. But the allegations against slaughter could land him life behind bars.

The scene where the accident took place on April 20th has been completely cleaned up, but that doesn’t replace the emotional damage that’s been done.

Tears filled the eyes of Barry Haywood when we told him about the charges filed against the man who seriously injured his wife, Selina Martin.

“I have no words for the guy you know what I mean because it was unnecessary,” says Barry Haywood.

Haywood says his wife is still on a breathing machine, and she’s in and out of consciousness.

“I`m here by myself she`s at the hospital, everytime I go visit her she`s sad upset, in pain, she`s going to be that way for quite some time,” says Haywood.

Both Martin and Harrisburg Police Offcier Daniel Peiper remain at PennState Hershey Medical Center with life altering injuries.

“Mr. Slaughter faces some serious penalties, the aggravated assault charges are felonies which carry a maximum sentence of 20 years,” says Dauphin County District Attorney, Ed Marisco.

Slaughter faces at least 10 charges, and combined, it could land him 100 years behind bars.

“This was a very serious crash,” says Marsico.

Yanny Nguyen lives a block away from the scene. He hasn’t erased the image from the crash.

“I was like amazed, I couldn`t believe I was seeing this…he probably deserves what he`s going to get,” says Nguyen.

There’s no word on the condition of officer Peiper, but Haywood says doctors believe his wife is slowly improving.

There was question earlier whether police officers reached speeds constituting a high speed chase, which is against the law within city limits. District Attorney Marsico says right now that’s the least of worries.