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FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week

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Bill Toth goes to Hershey Country Club in Dauphin County for the FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.   Joining him was Andrew Dawes, the director of golf instruction.  Andrew tells us how to improve your putting.

Andrew Dawes, Hershey Country Club, Director of Golf Instruction
“We are going to work on a distance putting drill.  We are actually going to identify different lengths of stroke, using our feet.  The 1st stroke I am going to make is from inside shoe to inside shoe and then I will go from outside shoe to outside shoe.  The key here is to keep the rhythm the same.  We all want consistency.  Inside, inside, tick tock, second stroke will be outside, outside, tick tock.  You will learn how to control your distance using your feet, again using the same tick tock rhythm. Such a simple tip.”