AmeriCorp Volunteers embrace positive opportunities in York

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A handful of young adults from around the country are spending their summers volunteering to clean up York.

A trashed home at 321 E. Poplar Street will eventually be a place to live for a family in need.

Jessica Arthur is one of six AmeriCorp volunteers in York.  She says the home, “was a mess.  The insulation was down.  We took out a huge tub and it was a mess, but fun because we know we’re cleaning it up and an oppotunity for a new family to come in, once it gets rehabed.”

The volunteers are working with York Habitat for Humanity this week.  But their contributions will last for years to come.

Miles Fishel, of Habitat for Humanity, says, “They are our future and the fact they’re willing to give up time and energy to come to a community that isn’t theirs means a lot to them and work hard, speak volumes.”

Arthur says, “It’s good to show the community that you don’t need experience, just that drive to want to help”

The experience will also play a role in Arthur’s future.

“At the end of my 10 months, we get an education award of $5,550 and so many awards you can earn through your time as well,” says Arthur.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact AmeriCorp or Habitat for Humanity.

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