Proposed backyard shooting range shotdown by zoning board

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Steve Marinos dream of a shooting range on his private property is dashed at a York County zoning hearing.  The Newberry Township zoning board denied his application for a variance at its Wednesday night hearing. Marino says he wanted a private gun range for himself and his family on his 25 acre property. It would not be opened to the public.

But more than a dozen of  Marinos’ neighbors who crowded into the zoning hearing room came out fighting against the idea citing noise and safety concerns.  Marino however says he isn’t giving up and feels it is his right to have a private gun range on his own property.


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Build an indoor range, doof. Who could complain about that? It's not your right. It's reckless.

  • Andrew

    SAVE THE DATE: Newberry Fire Hall June 6th @ 6pm. McNaughton Homes is trying to turn Valley Green Golf Course into a housing development (350 small homes and townhomes.)

  • Pablo

    MyTakeOnIt……………You're an uninformed idiot, aren't you?

    You have no idea what you're talking about, and yet you claim an outdoor range is reckless.
    So, tell us, WTF do you know about weapons, firing ranges, safe handling of firearms, etc?

    Yeah, fear the unknown and talk out of your ass is about you're good for, doofus.

    YOU are the reckless individual pal.

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