Hot temps mean AC time; Simple steps to make sure it works

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York County –

Today is setting up to be a scorcher with temperatures reaching into the 90’s.  This is the first 90 degree day we have seen in almost nine months and that means, getting your mind and your house prepared for the elements. 

It’s probably been a while since the air conditioning unit or furnace has been called into action.  Before it gets too hot, there are a few last minute things that you can do to get the unit ready for the elements.  The first and the easiest begins AC servicewith the filter.  Checking and if need be, changing the filter can be an easy way to save some cash and get the most from your air conditioning unit.

Before the days get too hot, it’s a good idea to test your air conditioning unit to make sure it starts and it wasn’t damaged over the winter months.  Just flipping the switch and making sure the condenser works is a good first step.  To get the maximum efficiency, air flow is key.  First, clear away any debris from beside the condenser unit, making sure there is a clear 18 to 24 inch range.  Then, if need be, clean the coils on the unit with water or possibly a vacuum.  These simple steps could save some big bucks.

 “The preventative maintenance in the beginning of the season is better than having to have a serviceman come out during a heat wave,” said handyman Tim Mosher.

 “If you have a one inch filter you should check it once a month.  If you still see light through it u can leave it in,” said air conditioning repairman Chris Ayers.

A few other quick ideas, check the coolant on the AC system.  An air conditioner’s coolant is like the oil in a car.  No coolant, no cold air.  If you are really feeling like a do-it-yourself king, a new thermostat may be in order.  A digital thermostat will help you control the output and the temperature a whole lot easier.

The final check could include the duct work.  A lot of times ducts can leak and the air conditioning that should be cooling the house is chilling the basement or attic.  That is no good.  Some of these things should only take a few minutes but could save money and the possibility of having to call in a repairman.

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