Reports of new virus strain

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   virusThe world health organization is concerned about a new virus that it says could be a threat to the entire world.  There have already been 49 cases of the new coronavirus.  Of the individuals infected with the new strain, 27 of those people have died; with the largest number of cases in Saudi Arabia.  Other countries from the Middle East to the UK, Germany, France, and Tunisia are reporting cases of the virus.  There have not been any reported cases in the United States as of yet. 

    A team of scientists from Columbia University is investigating the virus, which is in the same family as SARS and the common cold.  Symptoms include fever and severe respiratory problems.  Patients have also developed pneumonia and kidney failure.  Officials have found some clusters of cases where the disease has been transmitted between family members or in a health care setting.  Researchs are looking at whether it was initially passed from animals to humans.  Based on early analysis scientists believe the strain originiated in bats.

    The world health organization is so concerned about the virus because there is no known treatment and no way to make a vaccine, but doctors are currently working on one.

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