Boy dies in farm accident in York County

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A five year-old boy died after an accident involving farming equipment in Washington Township, York County. State Police were called to Blue Hill School Road around 7:20pm Thursday evening. The boy was reported as unresponsive. He was flown to York Hospital where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries.


  • Angela

    what is the story? What was the boy doing before the incident? I would love to use this as an example to my husband that thinks my kids are safe on the equipment!!!! He thinks nothing will ever happen because "he drove tractors since he was 4!"

    • Robert

      Every year we hear about young children dying from farm related accidents and nearly all of them involve very young children! I find it irresponsible to allow young children to ride on or operate farm machinery and feel parents should be charged with neglect since often these children are too young to make decisions for themselves! Maybe then we wouldn't hear about these type of stories every summer!

  • Nick

    I was drivein tractor since I was able to reach the pedals and drivein pickups since I was 7 and I owe it all to my uncle for lettin do it. And from it you learn respect of the machine and others. Youns sayin it’s to young must of grew up in the city or town. Kids are more likely o be killed while traveling on the roads with you then get killed on a farm.

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