West York Police catch Burglar in the act

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Strickler Mark

Mark Stephen Strickler

An alert neighbor helped catch a burglar in West York. The neighbor saw a man trying to pry open a neighbor’s rear door on the 1700 block of Orange Street around 5:20pm Thursday. West York Police officers arrived within a minute of the call and saw a suspect matching the caller’s description. The suspect was using a large knife to pry open the door knob and lock of the home’s back door.

When he saw the police, the suspect took off on foot, ignoring the officers telling him to stop. Officers caught the suspect and took him into custody.

The suspect  is identified as Mark Stephen Strickler, 22, of no fixed address.

Strickler told police he was breaking into the home in order to stay in the basement because he did not have any place to go. Police recovered a hypodermic needle from Strickler, which he said he used for heroin.

The knife and a credit card that Strickler used to try to break into the home were seized and placed into evidence.

Strickler was arraigned on the following criminal charges:

1)      Burglary

2)      Criminal Trespass

3)      Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

4)      Criminal Mischief

He is currently in the York County Prison on $25,000 bail.

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