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Mount Joy Brewery fighting to stay open

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A newly opened Lancaster County brewery could be closing its doors after just two weeks of being in business.

“ It’s hard. It’s our kids tuition money for two kids. It’s our mortgage. No bank would give a first time business owner a loan,” says Karen Boyer

Karen and Mike Boyar have put their hopes and dreams into the Zuckfultzfus Brewery.  Every chair, table, and coat of paint  has been hand crafted by them.

“ I know where every piece of wood came from every trip to home depot. Sometimes twice a day,” says Michael Boyer

The vision is to build a small, cozy, brew pub in Mount Joy that seats around 30 people. They started the process of licensing in January and  have every license they need but one,  the Brew Pub License. That license means they can sell beer but it can’t be consumed. The reason they don’t have it? Their neighbors sent a petition to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board concerned about parking. And that’s all it took to stop the PLCB from granting a license to the Boyers.  We tried knocking on those neighbors doors, and they kept them closed. Just as the Boyers are fighting to keep their doors open for business.

The next step is for the Boyers is to have a hearing with the PLCB. That process will take about 4 months.


  • Mitch Denlinger

    These are some great people and their business is just what Mt. Joy needs. We have plenty of free parking here and as a resident and business owner in Mt Joy do not see why we would not want to help boost our local economy. They deserve a chance to make their imprint on our community. Please help support them. As a community we can help support their dream!

    • John Newcomer

      This unbelievable first the police is attacked by layoff officers. And now good people who want to contribute to Mount Joy Borough gets stonewall by one or two neighbors who are crying like little kids because they don't like the new neighbors and don't want the brewery next door. Obviously they have nothing better to do then ruin other people livelihood. Shame on them for making the complaint to PLCB, that's just plain Un-American. This country is build on small businesses like the small brewery.

  • Guest

    I feel for them, but it is in a stupid location. There is no place to park except in front of homes or in the church parking lot across the street. The last thing residents want is a bunch of drunks parking in front of the homes and around their cars.

    • Guest

      ^ Obviously you've never been to a nice brew pub. There are no "drunks". Drunks are reserved for places like Beanies and Mick's. This place reminds me of Jo-Boys in Manheim. A clean, small place that is great for craft beer fanatics. You'll find many more disorderly people at a public park than you would at this place, I can guarantee it.

      • Guest

        Some of their newest patrons were former Beanies and Micks customers. Truth, they may be "nice" owners, but face it Mount Joy is a hot bed for places that serve alcohol. With all the DUI's in the area we need more walkers than drivers to theses establishments. Recently there were some vaild views on their page and they promptly deleted any and all that didn't serve their cause. I'm wondering how underlyingyl truthful the long term of a "quiet" pub atmosphere will last.

        • Guest

          Agreed. They are open to make money and they make money selling beer. The more they sell the more money they get. The more money they get the drunker the customers get. Hiding behind the we are "classy beer drinkers" is is just that… putting up a facade. A majority of people drink a drink and go home, but the money is made on those that can't have just one….. a bar is a bar is a bar. I pity the neighbors around the place. Making the people next door, who just want to live normally out to be the bad guys, make the owners look like jerks. It is a stupid location for a bar… period. It has 1 handicap parking space and one other space. The rest will be filling the streets….

          • Guest

            At Beanies, Mick's and every other "bar" you can get a beer as cheap as $1.50 some nights. People don't (and in a lot of cases, can't) pay $6+ per beer to get intoxicated. I'm not saying there won't be people who don't walk out of there drunk. I'm saying there will be far less of that going on at a place like this. It's basically a tasting room for the beer they sell in larger batches. Not to mention, it is a small place that seats 30, doesn't have a restaurant menu, and doesn't have flat screen TVs all over the place. The "drunks" you are referring to–generally–will not be visiting this place.

            Also, have you seen the video and/or pictures of the inside of this place? It's a community gathering spot more than it is a bar. And, if the people living next door are so worried about this, they should not have moved into a home that is in an area zoned for businesses. Sure, it may not seem likely that anyone will setup shop there; but they did, and now you have to deal with it.

  • guest

    Not living in Mt. Joy…. I don't have to deal with the problems of their community. So except for the usual nightly drivers I see swerving on our county roads, unless they were drinking your beer I'm not affected directly by your business.

    I know people who rave about craft beers and wine and yes they spend the money and drink like fish. Those fish are your bread and butter. No end to the drinkers in Lancaster County. In the end even if you win the "fight", with a hostile neighbor…you lose. You can't buy good neighbors. That is the true test long term. In the end if you now want to be bigger than just a brewery selling beer, Maybe you need a better location. But hey, good luck to yous.

  • Jim from NM

    Mt. Joy was apparently a hasty denomination. From what I can read here, it is not all that different from countless other small towns full of frustrated people who drive daggers into their neighbors' dreams. I don't know this happy town, but I can guarantee that parking is the root of this dilemma and is perhaps the number one cause of this dilemma across the nation, especially with regard to a small brewery. A shame, both in neighborly communication and lack of foresight.

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