PA/MD state police cite dozens of drivers in enforcement crackdown

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Responding to complaints from motorists, police in Pennsylvania and Maryland join forces to crackdown on dangerous drivers traveling Interstate 83 between downtown Baltimore and York.  State and local police targeted aggressive drivers, speeders, distracted drivers, tailgating drivers and drivers and passengers not wearing seat-belts.

During the enhanced enforcement which began Friday morning 286 vehicles were stopped. According to early statistics from Maryland State Police, 210 citations, 135 warnings, and 11 repair vehicle orders were issued.  Also 43 truck safety inspections were conducted as well as arrests for drug violations and a loaded handgun transported in a vehicle.


  • Disgusted driver

    So what did they do about drivers traveling below 40 mph? Trucks do it All of the time and in the left lane. I'll bet the gridlock is still thre on Monday.

  • I83 bumpercar

    Yes, what about those idiots that stay in the left lane???? Its impossible to not tailgate when you are following someone in the left lane driving exactly the speed limit!!!!

    • MyTakeOnIt

      Uh, yea, right. Speed Limit. Signs should say, "Maximum Safe & Legal Speed". Would you understand then?

  • grump-65

    Thanks to police this is long over do. Try to do posted speed limit on Rt. 83 without getting run over!

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