Alleged York County killer tracked down in Missouri

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Carroll Township, York County –

The manhunt is over for a York County man is accused of killing a woman that gave him a place to live.  Police in Missouri tracked down Bryan Brackbill last night and arrested him for murder.

Police here in York County are going to have to wait until the suspect is extradited back to Pennsylvania before beginning the process of finding some answers.  One of the biggest questions that remains unanswered is why a man who was given a place to live and a second chance by a kind woman would allegedly take her life in cold blood.

brackbillBound and killed.  That’s the way family members found 57-year-old Sandra Mulder.  The search for her killer ended last night hundreds of miles away.

“She’s so good and then to have this happen,” said the victim’s aunt Charlotte Enberger.

The crime was discovered on Sunday afternoon when Mulder’s family members went to her Carroll Township home.  After forcing their way in to the house, they found the 57-year-old face down on the floor with her hands and feet tied.

“The victim was bound with her feet and her hands.  We did not find trauma on the body.  That’s why we can’t determine the exact cause of death,” said York County Coroner Barry Bloss.

Gone from the house was 32-year-old Bryan Brackbill who lived at the home, along with Mulder’s car.  Brackbill, who has a criminal past, became a focus of the search.  Neighbors were alarmed by the news.

“I think they were trying to like rehabilitate him or something like that he had been in prison or in trouble but occasionally there was a lot of loud music and profanity would come out of there,” said neighbor Raymond McFaeden.

Court documents show the suspect turned up in Indiana to meet up with his girlfriend.  Brackbill admitted to the crime during their conversations saying “I did something bad to sandy . . . I killed sandy.”

Around 8:45 p.m. Monday night, Missouri Highway Patrol tracked Brackbill down in Sandra Mulder’s car. Troopers chased him but lost the car at first.  A short time later, they were able to stop the car and found Bryan Brackbill inside.  He was arrested.

Brackbill is being charged with criminal homicide and three other counts.  He is awaiting extradition back to Pennsylvania on these charges.   Officials are waiting on toxicology testing to try and determine an exact cause of death.  The autopsy performed yesterday was not able to say what may have caused Mulder’s death.

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