Health Sec. Sebelius unmoved by pleas to save life of dying 10 year old

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House Republicans on Tuesday pressed the country’s top health official to cut through the government red tape in order to let a dying child have a chance at getting a lung transplant, as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius continued to argue that the situation is “difficult.”

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  • Say What

    Ms. Sebelius is a cold-hearted you know what! Mean spirited, and arrogant also fits. Ms. Sebelius, along with a lot of other folks in DC need to resign, and vacate our nation's capital. It would definitely be a better place without her ilk!

  • Guest

    There are thousands of sick children. If one exception is made, where does it end? Each sick child's story is just as compelling as the next, and no sick child is more important than another. It's east to point fingers at Sebelius, but what other decision could she make? Allow the exception and be flooded with thousands of requests by tomorrow. That will only slow the process down even further. Leaders often have to make tough, unpopular decisions.

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