“Intern Queen” offers tips for landing your dream job

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The job picture is starting to look a little bit brighter for college grads and job seekers, but it still takes time, effort and a whole lot of know-how to land a great job these days.  Lauren Berger knows a thing or two about how to do just that.  She completed a whopping 15 internships during her 4 years in college, earning her the moniker “The Intern Queen.”  Now,  a few years later, Lauren has built an empire based on her expertise and in fact was recently named number 5 on Business Week’s list of top Entrepreneurs under 25.  Lauren offers a crash course on how to land your dream job.


  • LOOK THE PART: from what to wear to the tech devices you carry – first impressions are crucial
  • E-MAIL ME: make sure your e-mail address is professional (if your e-mail addresses mentions beer or Hello Kitty – it is time for an upgrade!)
  • CLEAN UP YOUR DIGITAL DIRT: employers WILL peruse your social media presence so if anything is questionable – get rid of it
  • TECH FOR SUCCESS:  make sure you ARE searchable and make a good impression on LinkedIn (but don’t do what 71% of 18-24 yr. olds do and browse social media during meetings!)
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