Tensions rise at final liquor privatization hearing

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Booze continues to cause controversy at the State Capitol.  The Liquor Privatization bill is headed to the senate. Tuesday,  people on both sides of the issue had their final say at the third and final public hearing.  A  debate years in the making  sparking tension between Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley and State Senator Jim Ferlo.

“You`re going to kill all these family sustaining jobs and somehow people are going to go out and work minimum wage at a damn Sheetz it’ s outrageous,” says Ferlo

“This is a responsible proposal made by responsible people who aren`t playing to a group of people in this room,” says Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley

That  hearing room was filled with some of the four thousand union workers concerned about the future of their jobs. The Governor’s Administration promises convenience for Pennsylvanians and increased revenue that would go toward education.  He hopes the bill lands on his desk by the time the state budget is due at the end of the month.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    Hey, remember the Milkman? Let's have home delivery so people don't have to DUI from the bars. Now THAT'S CONVENIENCE, SAFETY, JOBS and stupid.

    Hey, let's sell pot at all convenience and grocery stores, too. Reduce crime and provide convenience. We'll put the good paying street drug dealers out of business.

    Let's have beer vending machines. That's convenient. You can get a beer outside the Wal-mart for fifty cent and at Sheetz for a dollar. There's competition for ya.

    Really ignorant arguments for expanding alcohol availability without examining the issues of concern in detail by impartial, independent analysts and looking at what problems other states might have that wish they did not. We spend upwards of a $million to study other crap in detail. Why not this? $15,000 to evaluate the fire four months ago in Lancaster that killed two and injured a firefighter. Where are the studies for this issue?

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