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Central PA High Schools Move Graduation Indoors

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This wet weather isn’t just putting a damper on weekend plans but also graduation.

The majority of schools in the Central PA area hold ceremonies outside but that’s likely to change this year.

Graduation is something students have looked forward to since their first day of high school.

And with this rainy weather expected area high schools like South Western have alternate plans that don’t include an umbrella.

This mess..

(Splashing of puddles)

Is what most high school parents don’t want to worry about. Patty Winkler’s first reaction?

“Ugh, seriously,” says Winkler, a parent of a high school senior.

Although it’s not official yet for South Western High School, Principal Walt Graves says his staff always prepares for a rainy day.

“They’re saying 80% chance of rain so we’re hoping for that 20% window where we may be able to have it outside,” says Principal, Walt Graves.

This is where the ceremony will most likely be for students at this school.

“They’ll start to process in and you can see the X on the floor is where they go up the aisles,” says Graves.

More than 1 thousand chairs are jam-packed into the gymnasium.

I would rather be outside if the weather is good enough, inside I just think it’s more confined a little more stuffy,” says Winkler.

We asked you on Facebook what you thought about bringing ceremonies indoors.

Stacia says “Depending on the size of the facility most are only given 4 tickets so I’d rather they postone the ceremony then move inside.”

But principal Graves says moving it back a day isn’t an option.

“There are some family members who come from out of town and they have limited time so we just can’t do that.,” says Graves.

Whether it’s outside or inside, it all comes down to what students get when they walk across this stage and that’s probably something they won’t argue about.