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Check Cashing Fraud in Cumberland County

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A scam in Cumberland County has been recognized from numerous cases of a woman seeking out others to cash checks for her.

A Carlisle woman was approached by another women asking for help. That woman, Brooke Trolinger, 22, of Carlisle told the victim that she didn’t have proper identification and was unable to access her income tax money because it was deposited into her father’s account. Trolinger then met the victim at the victim’s bank, where she filled out a blank check to her and had her cash it. The woman then gave the money to Trolinger, it wasn’t until the check was returned because of insufficient funds that the woman realized what happened.

There have been fourteen other cases in this area that people fell victim to this scam, in some cases where Trolinger would give the victims money prior to them cashing the check for their assistance. The banks didn’t notice anything until the checks came back because they seem to be from a closed account of Trolinger’s or fraudulent.