Emergency Contraceptive Health Concerns

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A U.S. court of appeals has issued an order permitting the over-the-counter sales of all two-pill emergency contraceptives.

This new provision allows for unrestrictive purchase, meaning people of any age can now buy what’s known as the morning after pill, but there are some health concerns with overuse of the pill.

The generic form of emergency contraveptives is now as easy to buy as your typical pain reliever off the drugstore shelf, no photo ID required.

“If it’s available over the counter is somebody going to take this and not know what they’re getting themselves into?!” says MD and OB-GYN, Julie Drolet.

There are no studies showing what exactly could happen to a woman’s body from taking the drug multiple times.

But, there’s growing concern that using it often in a short time span could hurt you, especially for teenagers.

“The nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, possible bleeding, breakthrough bleeding, but not anything excessive,” says Pharmicist, Kelli Moyer.

OB-GYN, Julie Drolet says those side effects can become excessive if someone abuses the drug considering how much medication is in the pills.

“That contains in each pill two to three times the regular amount of ethanol estradyl that we find in regular birth controls,” says Drolet.

Doctors and Pharmicists say overuse of the pills can’t damage vital organs.

But abusers might ironically be helping what they’re trying to prevent.

“From my research I’ve actually found you’re increasing your chances of pregnancy,” says Moyer.

The FDA has less than two weeks to appeal the ruling.

After that all two-pill emergency contraceptives will be readily available.


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